Give your skin a second chance

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”


When everything goes fast, when we do not take the time to reconnect with ourself. This maxim is meaningful!

Being aligned with our person, our desires and our life is essential.

This approach can take different forms, as this new paradigm is unique and only aligned with the person who initiates it. No matter what choice you made, the most important is that it allows you to be the most beautiful version of yourself.

At amatera, we think that being aligned between our inner self and our skin is essential. With the amatera skincare, we created the solution to bring to the skin what it needs, but it is also important to work on our of dream life. Without being a specialist or an an enthusiast, we can in a few simple actions reconnect with ourself. Breathing, meditation, walks in the countryside or in the forest are opportunities to take the necessary step back to reconnect with ourself.

We have all experienced sad and painful periods during which we notice a change in our skin. It reflects our state of mind. There are spots that appear or a dull complexion. Indeed, the skin is an emunctory that can evacuate the stress and abuses we have done.

On the other hand, when we are in love or just happy, we see a smile on our face, our rosy cheeks and our glowy skin. It’s catching and it is fine like this.

Give your life a second chance

With this awareness, we want to give ourself a second chance to live the life of our dreams and therefore offer our skin a second chance.

The amatera holistic beauty approach makes it possible to combine quality of natural skincare that brings well-being to the skin, the sport that brings a peaceful state of mind and a healthy diet that will provide the body and the mind with the right energy level  to fully enjoy this second life.

amatera, a philosophy of life and of beauty