L'huile d'Argan est un des éléments naturel et vegan de la formule exclusive d'amatera
La carotte : Un ingrédient naturel et bio de la formule a12

amatera’s laboratories are constantly looking for the best natural ingredients. All around the world these components are carefully selected for their essential qualities and active ingredients.

Since the requirement is unlimited, amatera laboratories are extremely vigilant about the choice of the components in our formulas and make a check on quality criteria far beyond standard norms.

We have developed our own quality charter for the design and the preparation of formulas:

100% fully natural origin components
Minimum 87.9% of our components are certified organic

Our formulas contain no animal elements and are not tested on animals. We are proud to have obtained the vegan and cruelty-free PETA label recognisable with the logo below that you will also find on all amatera’s packaging.amatera is vegan and cruelty-free

amatera formulas do not contain any of the following elements * :

    • WITHOUT significant and likely endocrine disrupters
    • WITHOUT parabens
    • WITHOUT phthalates
    • WITHOUT silicones (methicone and their derivatives)
    • WITHOUT derivatives from petrochemicals
    • WITHOUT aluminum salts
    • WITHOUT methylisothiazolinone
    • WITHOUT palm oil
    • WITHOUT mineral oil

* The list is non exhaustive – it would require several pages to clearly indicate all the components we refused to put in our formulas. It is therefore probably simpler to inform you of our products’ composition: see the ingredients ‘ page