crème de jour 100 % naturel, 100 % vegan, vegan
bio, bio certifié, bio 87,9% ingrédients bio
La formule amatera aux 12 huiles végétales actives

By letting Nature take control, amatera reinvents the global and universal cosmetic formula through its skin care products.

Global formula: Each ingredient in our cosmetic skin care products has been selected by our laboratories for its unique and complementary properties. Together, these components bring their targeted action in addition to the other assets.

Universal formula: Our formulas are universal because they are intelligent. They are suitable for all skin types as the skin exactly knows what is needed to remain healthy. And above all, a healthy skin radiates beauty.

Through  a natural and smart synergy, it will simply assimilate and add the elements it deems necessary for its well-being at the precise moment when the formula is proposed to it.