The amatera 8 key values for a unique concept

1. Our skincare is 100% natural and proage

amatera selects only the very best of ingredients from around the world.

We care about the provenance and sustainability of each organic oil.

Our powerful formula is 100% natural without any chemicals, preservatives or fillers. Our organic oils are 100% certified organic.

We make the choice to have our own quality charter and do not request an organic label.  We are and stay independant and in line with our own values.

amatera is a 100% natural skincare brand

Only clean ingredients are included in the amatera products

2. No nasties

At amatera, we are passionate about clean skincare and we promise to deliver not only the best ingredients for your skin but also the safest.

  • NO significant and likely endocrine disrupters
  • NO parabens
  • NO phthalates
  • NO silicones (methicone and their derivatives)
  • NO derivatives from petrochemicals
  • NO aluminum salts
  • NO methylisothiazolinone
  • NO palm oil
  • NO mineral oil

3. Quality first

With the knowledge and expertise of our laboratory, we create products that are truly good to you and to give your skin a second chance.

We only use the best ingredients, mainly sourced from Europe but we do not want to avoid great ingredients because they are not local.

The 12 botanical oils present in our exclusive blend are bio organic certified by the highest European standards.

Our products are created in small batches.

4. Bottles eco responsible at 95%

We opted for glass to recycle bottles more easily. 4 of our bottles are 95% recyclable. Only the pumps and the top of the dropper are in plastic.

We are always looking for more responsible solutions for our bottles. Our manufacturers are developing alternatives that will be more respectful of the environment.

Do not be surprised if in the future our bottles change a little bit.

Only our bust and neckline fluid bottle is not yet in glass. If you like this treatment, we will find a container more respectful of the environment.

5. Sensoriality above all

We created melting textures that penetrate very quickly to meet our users’ needs.

In using our skincare, your skin will have a silky touch and an immediate natural glow.

Another advantage is that you can also apply makeup directly after the application of the skincare as they offer a great a natural base.

6. Natural smell with sense

Our products do not only smell good. Smells were skilfully worked to stimulate the brain.

The day cream has a sparkling grapefruit smell to wake you up and allow you to start the day in a good mood. For the night, we chose a relaxing scent for sweet dreams.

7. Made in Belgium

Our products are produced in Belgium. The Made in Belgium know-how is internationally recognized.

The beer, chocolate and diamonds country is becoming the 100% natural universal skincare country.

The short production circuit ensure a global overview of our production cycle form raw materials to finished products.

Quality is one of the amatera key values.

amatera is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand

8. amatera is cruelty free and vegan

We never test our products on animals nor do we use any animal ingredients.

We are proud to have obtained the vegan and cruelty-free PETA label recognisable with the logo below which you will also find on all amatera’s packaging.