« We only have one live and one skin »

There is no age, gender or skin color to become aware of this fact, just the desire to truly care with oneself, one’s skin and one’s environment. When we understand that it is urgent to do and to be what we really love, we reinvent our lives, values, habits and beauty.

« Dare to become the most beautiful version of us »

Awareness and renewed confidence, as a second chance that we create we just need to focus on the essentials and feel good. Living our dream is possible at any age.

We just have to allow ourself to live it.

At 42, I left my employee status to become economic advisor and consultant. I evolve in the IT services for the financial sector. A rich experience that led me to live new challenges and gave me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone.

I shared this experience during a TEDx in 2016 that gives tips to prepare for this change. I hope this will be an inspiration for you. Link to the TEDx video

At 50, I created amatera.

Disappointed by conventional skincare including luxury ones, I created my skincare in my kitchen and my friends loved them. That’s what inspired me to get started with the amatera skincare brand. I did a 360° change in my life from the advisory environment to the beauty sector.

What I created is not only a skincare brand, it is really a philosophy of life and beauty.

In a world where we unfortunately live in a dictatorship of beauty, I wanted to go back to the basics.

Amatera means Love of the Earth but also love of life!

A universal love that presupposes harmony with oneself, with the world and with the Nature, to achieve what we all seek, the well-being.

Get rid of the superfluous to focus on the essentials, on what is vital to achieve self-fulfillment, feeling better and better-ageing, while respecting the environment.

Universal natural cosmetics, with rituals reduced to essentials to accept, love and sublimate ourselves.

« Let’s re happen to take care of yourself, your body and your skin  »

Easily and without compromise on efficiency, pleasure and skin tolerance.

« For a natural, essential and caring beauty »