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The skin is your largest organ

We are not always aware of it, but the skin is the biggest organ of the body ! A truly intelligent and protective barrier for the whole body facing the external environment.

The skin, like eyes, ears, nose and tongue, is a sensory organ with intelligent receptors that allow the body to identify itself in its environment. If we recognize the intestines as the second brain of the body, we must accept the intelligence of the skin.

It is therefore essential to maintain and to take the greatest care of it. If the vast majority of the body is protected by clothing, the skin of the face, neck, bust and hands are the most exposed parts. They must constantly fight against external aggressions such as for example the sun, the pollution, the wind, the heat, the cold.

That is why amatera has developed a formula dedicated to naturally help the skin defenses. By offering the skin a full of benefits cocktail, the skin gets what it needs when it needs it.

To formulate an effective recipe, natural and perfectly adapted to all skins, in all seasons and all circumstances, we studied the skin from every angle.

A refresher on the most important notions about your skin:

Regeneration of the skin and its constitution

Each cell in our body is renewed at a different rate. The skin cells are renewed approximately every 21 to 28 days so around 3 to 4 weeks.

The skin consists of 3 layers :

    • The epidermis: The outer layer, the one you touch.
    • The dermis: located between the epidermis and the hypodermis.
    • The hypodermis: the deepest skin. When the skin regenerates, it is the deepest layers that come to the surface to renew the epidermis.

The skin produces protective substances like keratin and lipids, hence the scientific term of lipid barrier.

Our epidermis is perpetually damaged (friction of clothes for example for the unexposed parts, pollution or other external aggressions for the exposed ones), it must therefore constantly regenerate. In this process, the deep layers rise to the skin to replace the surface layers.

skin aging

Aging is a natural process that affects the whole of our body and obviously our organs.

On the skin, aging is characterised by the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, sagging and other physical changes that we are trying to fight.

Babies’ skin does not have the resistance like adults’ skin.

La peau des bébés n'a pas la résistance de la peau des adultes

Throughout its life, the skin evolves. In its first years, baby skin is soft and smooth but very fragile because its protective barrier in keratin is little developed.

During adolescence, hormonal disorders lead to the very famous phenomenon called acne that marks an important change in the skin.

Over time, the dermis and epidermis become thinner. The skin becomes thinner and less smooth. It loses its elasticity and becomes drier. Muscle tissue also decreases with loss of cutaneous fat. The sagging skin is arriving. The protective factors of the skin against ultraviolet sun tend to decrease. Our skin is naturally less well protected.

For exposed parts such as the face, neck and hands, skin aging is accelerated by external factors such as:

    • Sun,
    • Sun exposure,
    • Change of temperature,
    • Ultra-violet,
    • Pollution,
    • Stress,
    • Tobacco,
    • Alcohol,
amatera le soin bio sur-mesure pour chaque peau.

Skin aging is also linked to a slowing down of cell renewal. The older ones accumulate, dry up, wrinkles form and get deeper.

The body has different ways to slow down this aging process such as :

    • The active hyaluronic acid present in our body and which has the great advantage of conserving water and thus allows a good moisturising of the skin. It is therefore used to smooth the skin.
    • The collagen present in the skin.
    • An adequate moisturising with the right quantity

It is by understanding how the skin works, what it needs to stay healthy that we created our formula.

We combined 12 active and complementary vegetable oils in a formula that we named Formula a12.

Naturally, without any chemical dictatorship, this complete cocktail offers to your skin a tailor-made skin care. The skin chooses itself the benefits needed according to its age, sensitivity and especially its needs at a specific moment.

If you have specific questions about the skin, the best person to respond to this is your doctor. The information provided here is always informative, non-exhaustive and generic. We always encourage you to seek advice from a healthcare professional who can respond to your specific requests.

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