amatera is a new natural and vegan cosmetics brand dedicated to all skin types.

Started from a passion for organic and responsible cosmetics, amatera is above all a philosophy of life standing up for a smart Nature in which it is necessary to regain trust.

« Without chemicals, Nature recovers all its strength and efficiency  ».

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is a fantastic natural defence barrier which defends and protects the whole body. Always exposed to external aggressions, the skin precisely knows what it needs to maintain its balance and its health capital.

« The real expert of your skin is your skin itself.»

After extensive research focused on skin needs, amatera laboratories have formulated 100% natural, multi-active and complementary recipes. Offered as an “à la carte” buffet, the skin can then draw exactly what it needs to stay healthy.

Thus, combining our trust in Nature, the quality of the ingredients and the ability of the skin to select the active ingredients it needs, amatera reinvents the global and universal skincare, that adapts to all skin types and responds to either women’s or men’s needs.

аmatera’s values

 Delight your skin

  • Effective skin care products adapting itself to all skin types.
  • For women and men.

A European concept

A European concept combining
The Belgian innovation,
The French charm,
The German efficiency,
The Italian design and
The Swiss precision.

Our Philosophy

Reconcile a smart skin with Nature’s strength

Without chemical influence, Nature recovers its own laws.

Skin exactly knows what it needs to maintain the correct balance and well-being.

100% at your disposal

  • 100% natural
  • 100% effective
  • 100% well-being
  • 100% pleasure

The best of the world in a bottle

A worldwide selection of the best natural assets for global and universal formulas.

Formulas are concentrated in natural active ingredients and made with high-quality ingredients to give your skin the beneficial qualities of each component.

la formule a12 répond aux besoins de toutes les peaux