Clean beauty, what does that mean ?


We are hearing all the time about Clean Beauty, but what are the basic principles of this beauty.

We explain that, let’s start.

What do you need to know before choosing your skincare?

Cosmetics made in Europe must contain ingredients that are on the list of permitted ingredients. You must think that everything is clear, unfortunately, it is not for two major reasons.

1 / Some ingredients even if authorized may have impact on the skin. You already heard of carcinogenic ingredients or endocrine disruptors. Those are only a part of the ingredients we refer.

Here are some other offenders: parabens. These are controversial ingredients found in many everyday beauty products. They are used as a type of preservative, to prolong the life of a product, but their use also affects the hormonal function in mimicking estrogen. Dr. Philippa D. Darbre, an oncologist at the University of Reading in Great Britain, conducted a study of 160 samples from 40 patients who had a mastectomy. 99% of samples contain 1 paraben. «  The parabens are only a part of the problem. » said Dr. Philippa D. Darbre

These are not the only ingredients we have a concern with. This is important to be an informed user.

The most sensitive persons to endocrine disruptors are teenagers and pregnant women concerned by huge hormonal changes. Babies are not yet protected against its side effects that may have impacts several years later.

2 / The interpretation of natural, organic and green terms is sometimes misleading. If you use 10% organic or natural ingredients, is it natural for you? Companies can use the adjectives they want to promote and give a greener side to their skincare. This is called the “greenwashing”.

The « greenwashing” is a from of spin in which green marketing or green PR are deceptively used to promote the perception an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly. »Wikipedia source

The product seems « greener » with some promoted ingredients which are only found in the latest positions of the list of ingredients. 

How to be sure that our skincare is clean?

Dominique Nemery, founder of amatera, recommends to check the INCI list (International Nomenclature of the Cosmetic Ingredient). There are more than 16,000 ingredients in the list of ingredients. This is the exhaustive list of ingredients used in cosmetics.

Our tips for understanding clean beauty:

– Look at the list of ingredients. This advice is valid for cosmetics, but also for food.

– Use apps to help you to decrypt product labels.

The INCI list

The name of the plant will be written in Latin and will end with “seed oil” or “seed extract” for example “coconut oil nucifera” is the coconut oil. Others are less obvious to recognize as “oenothera biens seed extract” which is the primrose oil.

– Beware of acronyms as PPG, PEG, EDTA, butylphenyl, phenoxyethanol, and so one. Names ending in e.g ocane, paraben, dimethicone. Chemical products often have names in English.


It seems too complex, some applications will decrypt the list of ingredients for you. Always compare the results of several applications, because each one has its own grid to evaluate the compositions. So a product note may vary from an application to the other. This will also help you to develop your knowledge of INCI listings.

Application examples: Yuka, Clean Beauty

The choice of clean beauty brands

They pay attention to controversial ingredients and have stricter quality charters. They do not include harmful or controversial ingredients.

The amatera choice 

Dominique, the founder of amatera, created an effective skincare brand including the Nature best ingredients.

Clean beauty is one of the amatera brand values. amatera ​goes further in developing a pro-age, 100% natural and universal brand based on a unique blend of 12 organic precious oils associated with the best active ingredients for optimal results.

amatera imposed the most restrictive specifications, even more than the current regulations in force by prohibiting all controversial ingredients.


The result is a range of 5 skincare that combine efficiency, silky texture and a natural smell that gives you a unique moment of well-being.

amatera offers a unique formulation that adapts to each type of skin and its specific needs to maintain and
enhance its natural beauty. Its unique complex is part of the brand’s positive and pro-age approach to natural, efficient and meaningful beauty.

Within the amatera team, we believe in a natural, healthy and effective beauty that integrates into a holistic beauty concept. Taking care of us is a rule of life.

Life is beautiful, and we want to enjoy it fully and in good health to see our children and grandchildren grow and flourish. For staying active and dynamic, to love and to travel, let’s start today to take care of ourselves.

Thank you for supporting our project and our values.

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