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Chest and Neckline Fluid

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crème de jour 100 % naturel, 100 % vegan, vegan
Le fluide buste contient 88,2% ingrédients bio certifiés
La formule amatera aux 12 huiles végétales actives


Complete, global and universal skin care – suitable for all skin types

Firm, tone up, shape.

This exceptional treatment improves the beauty of the bust and preserves its particularly thin and delicate skin. Formulated based on our 12 active vegetable oils (formula a12), this fluid contains in addition to other active ingredients selected for their benefits.

This daily ritual provides an immediate feeling of well-being.

Active Ingredients

All amatera skin care treatments contain the exclusive formula a12 with our 12 active vegetable oils. The synergy of those 12 vegetal oils generates a unique and global cocktail for the skin. This unique combination allows your skin to draw precisely what it needs, when it needs.

To perfect this exceptional skin care, the Chest and Neckline Fluid contains other assets selected around the world for their specific virtues:

    • Bring firmness, tone-up and shape,
    • Prevent tissue slackening,
    • Fade wrinkles as a simple mechanical effect*,
    • Promote the bust firmness while offering a good shape.

These active ingredients are perfectly adapted to give the bust a tonicity at all periods of a woman’s life **.

*An in vitro study demonstrated an increase in breast circumference of 2 to 4 cm on a test of 10 women between 18 and 43 years.

    • 70% of the panel found an improvement in the appearance of the skin,
    • 80% of the panel noticed an increase in their chest size.

** result validated in clinical tests on 20 women

    • 70% of women noted an improvement in skin elasticity,
    • 70% of women noted a fuller breast.

Application tips

Gently apply morning and evening on the chest with a massage, starting from the outside to the inside of the breast then back up to the neckline and neck. Finish with a massage with the flat of the hands on the bust and the neckline always going from the bottom to the top.

Available Format

50 ml

Precaution of use

The amatera products have all been tested in a laboratory according to the European standard in force (EU law 1223/2009/EC on the cosmetic products regulation). Without any chemicals, each amatera formula only contains natural products. However, some rare individuals may be sensitive or allergic to some natural substances, such as vegetable or essential oils. Therefore, in order to avoid any inconvenience, we recommend to sensitive persons, to carry out an allergy test on a small skin surface, 48 hours before the use of amatera skin care.

Do not use during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Beware of allergic reactions in persons sensitive to Asteraceae.

The product can be used longer than 3 months after opening.