100% natural, organic, efficient, customised and innovative skin care


A natural, clean and
organic cosmetic range

For a beautiful and healthy skin


Innovative, efficient &
tailor-made skin care

With 12 vegetal active oils


The new ritual for
women and men

Proven results from an exclusive formula


100% vegan and cruelty-free products

For a natural, beautiful and healthy skin


Your first daily beauty step

amatera, delight your skin


Welcome to amatera’s world, the new cosmetic brand dedicated to your skin. Our fully natural and vegan products are directly extracted from Nature.

Started from a passion for organic cosmetics,  amatera represents the idea of ​​a smart Nature and creates an innovative formula of 12 active vegetal oils, as the main elements of all its products: the Formula a12.


« The real expert of your skin is your skin itself. Let your skin select the ingredients it needs in each products.».


Combining our trust in Nature, the quality of our ingredients and the skin’s ability to select the active ingredients it needs, amatera reinvents the global and universal cosmetic skin care that adapts to all skin types.


amatera,  delight your skin…

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